A few more baby presents

I had started a few more baby gifts and then finished them in dribs and drabs over the last two weeks. So just getting around to posting about them now.  This is what I did with the bargain $7 x 1 metre lengths of flannel I brought in Robe.  I tried to pair the Lion fabric with green for a unisex option but it demanded blue. 

More baby cubes, very quick and easy to make.  I have one more bell left and then I think I will be sick of making these.  I used brights on one and farm animals on the other.  I would like to do African animals but they tend to be dark coloured backgrounds, not quite right for a baby.  Another bonus when making these is that I cut up the left overs of each fabric I use (six different fabrics in each cube), so I am also developing a nice stash of pre cut squares, mainly 4" and larger.  So YES Red Ham it is true, I am stash busting my novelty collection!  I  am stash busting in general, but the rest of my fabrics (old/don't like anymore/left overs from past projects) I am cutting into 2.5" strips or squares, for a true scrap quilt...one day!

 I love this teddy design, which I got from Quilt a Gift by Barri Sue Gaudet, except I satin stitch around mine and use flannel instead of wool and embroidery. 
 And finally here are my new lounge cushions.  I must say that I don't really like them, but they are finished so its too late!  The problem was that I didn't have a pattern to work to or a preconceived idea of what I wanted.  AND I struggled to find fabrics to match in my stash, but refused to buy more.
 However the saving grace is that I LOVE the backing fabric, also out of the stash!  So decided that my next few cushions I am not going to piece but just pick a favorite fabric and quilt it!  Much quicker, easier and hopefully I will be more excited about the end results.  Oh and I need to decided on a colour theme for my lounge room, that might help!!
I am nearly through my "to do" list of jobs, pre the arrival of my parents in law for Easter.  I have booked a knitting lesson with my mother in law, to make a simple knitted necklace (from Better Homes and Gardens magazine) while they are here.  Then once they leave (and I get my sewing room back!) I hope to put the final border on the animal disappearing 9 patch and pin the transport disappearing nine patch cot quilt.  And the list goes on!  Have a wonderful Easter with your families, please drive safe on the roads and don't forget to enjoy some chocolate!  Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Great flannel! I have just bought some to make a small gift for someone at work. I love the backing fabric on your cushions too. Its gorgeous. You might not like the fabrics on the front much but ou came up with a great design. Even though they are the same design on first glance they looked different to me.


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