Working my way down the UFO list

 The Welcome Friends wall hanging is quilted, bound and labeled ready to be delivered to some friends with three little girls, who we will see next weekend.
 Then I finished this white button necklace, that I found nearly done in a cupboard.  That matches the
 brown one - that includes buttons from my grandfathers army uniform, which came from my grandmothers button collection.  And the black one, which I don't wear as often as the ...
 red and white one, which is what started me on button necklaces! 
 And here is a sneak peak at the wedding star quilt , as I am quilting it.  I decided I would do a few rows on Saturday and before I knew it I had done all the rows - stitching in a ditch around the blocks.  Today I did some of the stars which was a lot harder. 
Can you see the red star on the blue background?  Well that's Contact, cut out to use as my quilting template.  I did mark the quilt before I pinned it.  Which is a bit of a first for me, normally I get excited, pin the quilt THEN think about how I am going to quilt it, kick myself for not marking it prior and try to work round the pins with a stencil.  This time I was a bit more organised, but the pencil line was too faint and my sewing room is little on the dark side.  Then I remembered my friend Erolyn suggested making templates out of "Contact" (yes the stuff we use to cover our school folders with) and the local newsagent were selling it cheap so I got a roll of red tinted, which works well on this dark background.  I did buy a roll of clear at the local supermarket but DS2 was playing with it and somewhere between the check out and our house it disappeared.  Which was fine as I am sure it would have only given me eyestrain anyway.  So thanks for the handy hint Erolyn!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Great finish. I love the tip about the contact. thanks for sharing that. I am going to try and remember that.

  2. Hi Sue... I just love the button necklaces... can't work out how you threaded them though - looks very complicated..... Great idea with the contact.... I will look for it.... the quilt looks lovely...


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