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Sewing machine pixies

This is what I wish my life consisted of; having cups of tea (and sewing) while the kids are in bed! I am missing my weekly sewing sessions with another Mum, however she is working more(eg paid work) and hence has less sewing time. On the other hand I should have more sewing time, as the kids are just that bit older and starting to play together/self entertain. However seem to being achieving very little at present. I have spent some time sewing sheets, mattresses, pillows, pillow cases and quilt tops for the local occasional care centre's dolls corner. I just have to make one more pillow and quilt the quilt tops. I would like to say that they are cute doll quilts, but in reality my scrap bin produced two bright/loud quilts and one pastel. The staff assure me the kids will love them, we will see. I have unpicked and resewn some of the $5 Court house steps, so it is one row thinner and 2 blocks longer. This makes the top a generous table runner / table cloth for my sideboa…

Hot glue rocks

Just sneaking in a "finish". I dug the hot glue gun out and glued the hot pink braid around my applique roll, and it looks great. That set off a roll and I glued up the kids board books (broken spine), a magnet on a train and a broken tail off an aeroplane. These were all things that the cheap super glue had failed on. So then I got cheeky and tried to glue the cutter back onto my Sew Easy ruler with built in cutter, but it didnt work. So am I still disappointed about not being able to use this piece of equipment, especially as I was hoping to start cutting strips for a log cabin and this was to be my time saving tool. Guess its down to my very clever "try to fix anything, cos I'm a farmer" Dad! Now how to persued him to drive a 10 hour round trip, with glue in hand?

Shopping frenzy

Luckily I went to quilting on Wednesday night, after missing last fortnight, because someone reminded me that there was a quilters garage sale on Thursday - as you can see I brought a few bargin priced books ($15) and a small quilt top for the grand sum of $5!!!

I am not sure what I am going to do with the Court House Steps top, as it is only 31" x 45"; too big for a table runner, perhaps a small table cloth? Or I could add more blocks to square it up and make a lap quilt, what do you think? However I am going to be good and include it on my UFO list.. even though I didnt start it! It is made with really nice fabrics, totally my favorite country colours, however I doubt I have much fabric that would match, as most fabrics are repeated in each block. Perhaps a plain border and then a pieced border in similar colours? The possiblities are endless, the time factor remains to be seen!

So BEFORE I went to the bargin garage sale, I had been to the patchwork shop (three marine …

Luca's and Rail fence quilts finished

I started this rail fence quilt top about three years ago (pre sewing room), then late last year I finally completed the rest of the quilting (I had run out of hot pink thread). At Christmas time I took it away with me, intending to hand sew the binding down. Well I had one side left to do and I left it at my parents, as the car was packed to capacity. So on my last trip home I finally sewed down the last of the binding. I hadnt been in a hurry because nobody was having a baby, but now we have a few friends expecting again, so they are in luck - so long as they have a girl!

I forgot that I hadnt shown you a completed picture of Luca's Attic windows. Mum completed the last bit of stippling on it for me. I did all the borders and three of the "windows", plus stitched all the ditches, but ran out of complimentary threads. Plus I wanted a bit of a lesson on trying to get my stippling a bit looser and larger. I am still having issues with tension, but decided I will only res…

I spy charity quilt

Not that long ago in the heat I cut out 2 x 6 1/2" squares from every bit of animal fabric in my stash. When I exhausted my stash I called on my fellow Wednesday night patchworkers and they donated me sufficient squares to make a single bed size quilt, seen pictured here. Well it was close, I did have to dip into the fat 1/8s I was saving for my son's bug in a bottle quilt (will make one day!). Anyrate I have tried to take a good picture of it at home, but I didnt have the space to lay it out. Luckily I had taken it to Mum's place (for show and tell), as she has rigged up (well Dad did) old flannel sheet, two cup hooks and a old curtain rail - to make a design wall in her sewing room. Ignore the bit of blue fabric on the side, that was being auditioned for one of Mum's quilts, which I forgot to take a photo of. Mum also kindly donated a large length of fabric, which I can use to piece a backing for this quilt. Last year a family member kindly donated some wadd…

Single bed quilts

I had a lovely time away, catching up with my family and also taking my UK farmer friend on a whistlestop tour of the family farm before he headed off north for the rest of his holiday.

Unfortunatly, or fortunately (depending which family member you ask) my mother is also a patchworker, infected by myself, she is now well and truely addicted. So my trips home always involve show and tell and sometimes we get some time to sew, in between entertaining small children and my lunching/catching up with friends. Mum is on a misson to finish three of four quilts she is displaying in her groups show in April. So I dont think it was really on her radar to finish these two quilts, but I couldnt help myself when I saw them! The red and teal quilt was all pieced but just needed the rows completing and sewing together. When I insisted we finish them, Mum completed this one. However she wasnt keen on tackling the other - the blue and green quilt had all the blocks completed but they were different s…