Unity Quilt along rounds two to four and I am calling it a finish!

 This is the first two rounds of the Bonnie Hunter Unity quilt along.  I dont like medallion quilts because I am scared my piecing is not accurate enough.   However despite being consistantingly 1/4 of an inch too big I have managed to make this work, fudging rocks!
I was all gungho and thinking I was very clever then started round three!  OMG tiny (1x2") flying geese galore (all 144 of them) nearly did my head in, and I was super impressed at my new isolation ability to persist.  I just cut a bunch of pieces, then sewed them.  Had a break and cut the centres.  Went back and trimmed them.  Watched tv while this factory production line was in progress and jumped back and forth each stage until I had enough...so I thought!  I did end up having to go back and make one extra star at the end!
I was trying to use as much scrap fabric as possible, but I really lacked red, blue and neutrals....LOL I didn't think my colour scheme through at all!   I dug deep and found a fat quarter of red a friend had donated and then a couple of strips of blue with rainbows and butterflies that I didn't like but paired really well with the red.  I have lots more aqua then I ever imagined after buying some for Bonnies Frolic project last year.  Then luckily in my stash I found a big piece of white homespun. I wish now I had used this consistently through the top, but too late now.  
This last paragraph was written two weeks later, because I have fallen out of love with this quilt!  These 14 stars took me more that two weeks to make.  I put them together and then realised that I had planned to stop at this border because it would be the right size for a charity quilt.  Leaving the quilt with just two sides actually made it the correct prefered rectangular shape!  And I am over it!  So that was a win win all around.  So the pile of aqua scraps remain for another day.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I totally agree; enough is enough of all those tiny pieces! However, I must tell you, it is absolutely beautiful just as it is! I need to make something about that size for a friend. I had considered doing just the center, like you did, but haven't quite made up my mind. ---"Love"

  2. It looks good! Well done sticking with it long enough to get to the right size. Now you can move on to something you would rather do. Happy sewing!

  3. It looks great Sue, and well done for your decision. I love Bonnie's quilts, but the pieces are too small for me to think about, although they are a great way to use up scraps, which I have more than plenty of.

  4. Well, you stuck with it and you have a lovely charity quilt. It gave you lots of practice piecing different elements. The challenge of any mystery quilt is trying to keep everything unified. You did great.

  5. I had to laugh when you ran out of the colors that I have in abundance, and you have oodles of a color I might not be able to scare up out of my stash.
    You may be over this, but it turned out really pretty and whoever is lucky enough to be the recipient will be very pleased, I'm sure.


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