Carolina chain blocks and kangaroos

 I found these leaders and enders blocks (Carolina Chain by Bonnie Hunter from her book Addicted to Scraps) in a box while I was looking for more fabric.  I really need to do a big tidy up (and label) of my project boxes !  The blocks use 2" stripes and sensibly it seems I had stored all my 2" strips in this box, including pre cut pieces of the blocks...except no backgrounds!  I have been using a large piece of white homespun for Unity quilt along, so cut up some stripes and off I went. 
I seperated all the coffee and tan coloured background blocks from the white to cream coloured background blocks.  There was a good amount of bright blocks so I lay them out on my design floor and set about making more.  Bonnies patterns are always for a very large quilt but I was aiming for a child sized charity quilt instead which is more realistic as these blocks finish at 4.5" so you need lots and lots of blocks!

During the making of this top I managed to make this big thread mess when winding a bobbin and break a needle.  OMG I bent the needle (hit a pin) so bad my heart was in my mouth trying to get it out...I had to resort to using pliers....thankfully I had not done any damage to my machine!  I gave it a good oil and clean afterwards, I was so grateful!

Tada, another flimsy finish! These are fun blocks to make and I have kitted up more  so I can continue leading and ending while I am making my next project...which should be Bonnie Hunters Unity.

Early one morning on my walk I came across a mob of kangaroos that had been feeding in the paddock.  One snuck across behind me and the others waited in the paddock for me to go past before they headed back to the safety of the bush. 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. What fun seeing those kangaroos must have been! You little 'checkered' quilt is adorable. ---"Love"

  2. Love seeing the kangaroos. Nothing like that on my walks. Another sweet quilt.

  3. another lovely quilt... I get such a fright hitting a needle... I am always terrified it will break and hit my eye!!! glad there was no damage to you or the machine!

  4. Lovely quilt, I love all your finishes, good on you for walking, and thread is all good when it is where it should be!

  5. Glad there was no damage to your machine! That was my main fear when I had needle problems last week. It isn't a great time to have a machine that needs servicing.

    Your Carolina Chain looks great! I really like that pattern. And it is always wonderful to see roos hopping around.


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