Mother’s Day and two RSC quilt finishes.

My mother was really missing my boys but under the restrictions (at the time) we were not supposed to visit.  So for mothers day I hit on the idea to go on a social distancing walk, which you were allowed with one other person not from your household.  So this is my oldest son walking along the river with Mum.  
We walked down to the playground that we took them too when they were small, no requests for a play were made (sad face) but again under restrictions, playgrounds were off limits!  My youngest son got to walk home with Mum and my hubby walked with Dad.  Dad is bored with staying at home so has been taking himself out to the farm and doing odd jobs for my brothers who are busy planting the crops.  He can feel useful and get out of the house without breaking the rules, so win win!

This is the second quilt made from my leaders and enders four patches.  I like this layout better then the pink/purple version, but I had plenty of blocks in these colours.  I have decided I love lime green in quilts.  Its not a shade I gravitated to normally, but decided in kids quilts its necessary!  
Orange is the other colour that I think makes bright quilts sparkle.  I sadly lack much orange in my stash, but I am going to try and use it more along with the lime green.  
This is the third quilt I have made with my four patches from leaders and enders.  I love this layout the most.  Who doesn't love a rainbow...well almost a rainbow, I had to skip the purple because it would have been too long. The best thing about these three quilts is that they were super easy to quilt; a) because not too wide, b) I am now the proud owner of a cone of white thread so didn't have to change thread colours c) my walking foot and I are working well together on straight lines.   

There is a strong chance I will have more of these quilts in the future but at present I am nearly out of pre cut 2.5" stripes.  I have started back on my 2" leaders enders project, which is show and tell for another day! 
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Love those quilts! I like the almost-rainbow best too, but they’ve all just turned out fabulously.

  2. Good to hear that you were able to visit at a social distance. We have to get creative, don't we?
    I do love a rainbow in any form.

  3. Clever thinking for Mothers Day!

    The 4-patch quilts look great.

  4. Great to have the walks... the quilts are lovely, I do like the idea of using the 4 patches that way....

  5. Love your use of strips for the rainbow quilt, perhaps I need to get into the strips drawers soon.

  6. You've gotten very creative with your strips and your 4 patches. Glad your family could be together for a walk. Things are loosening up here slowly, but still socially distancing and no playgrounds ☹

  7. special memories of weird times.....the quilt is lovely too.......


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