Rainbow scrap challenge - 3 tops completed

I have been unemployed for nine months, so staying home with plenty of sewing time is not new for me. Having said that I still have UFO's!  I found these four patches I made for Rainbow Scrap challenge which last year I turned into chain blocks. 
The project stalled previously because I ran out of the red spot I was using for sashing.  But now they are together I think the scrappy look rocks! So first quilt made was nearly a full rainbow.  Avoided purple because I was sticking to the recommended size by my prefered charity - plus its more likely to appeal to a teenage boy without purple?  Well thats what my teen says.
Second quilt top made using the leftover blues and greens.  I love this colour combination, again hoping it appeals to a teenage boy.  Piecing is easy at home.  Pinning a quilt is not, I need to work out a strategy to overcome this hurdle otherwise I am going to have a houseful of tops instead of finished quilts!

Lucky last a pink, purple and pale blue quilt top, in a different layout. 
I have struggled at times this week - making more blocks didn't fuel my creative outlet and going for a walk only temporarily helped.  It was the realisation that we could/would be self isolating for months and months and months that was doing my head in.  I spent a day in the garden and I feel way more positive.  I think quiet joy of gardening and planting seeds knowing that they take weeks and weeks to develop into edible vegetables gave me some perspective. 
Stay home, stay safe.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. lovely quilt tops... a great way to use up the 4 patches made and the colours all go so well.... any chance of getting a fold up ping pong table.. that would make pinning easier and then it can fold up somewhere?

  2. You've come up with some good combinations for your charity quilts. I find it's hardest to make guy quilts. Glad you took your teen's advice

  3. Wow, Great progress. The rainbow scrap challange is producing some lovely results.

  4. I'm glad a bit of gardening helped. It really is a difficult time, so don't be hard on yourself if you are struggling with it at times.

    Have you seen Sharon Schamber's board method of quilt basting? There are a couple of YouTube videos of it. She thread-bastes, but you can use the same method with pins.

  5. Lovely quilts once again Sue, and I can identify with those strange feelings. Thinking of you.


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