Pink HST and Australian baby birds

Rummaging through the orphan bin I found lots of scraps but very few orphan blocks.   The find that excited me the most was a bag of pink half square triangles.  Some were made and others were still in pieces, but there was a decent amount, so there was the temptation to do something with them immediately!  I tried to make a pattern but there wasn't enough, so went with random scrappy layout.
The squares finished at 3", so I managed to get a 24" square finished top, which is the right size for a neo natal top.  I am very pleased, but there were left overs and I am trying to get rid of scraps!  
Sew I made a little dolls quilt 12" square and quilted it straight away.
I found a scrap of flannel for the back and pieced some wadding left overs.  These little quilts give me a lift, because they are quick, scrappy and fun!  Who doesn't love hot pink dots!
We were  away a week and came home to discover the New Holland Yellow Winged Honeyeaters had nested in my white lavender, right next to the clothes line.  The fledglings are very cute, but very close to the ground, so hoping the neighbours cat stays away.
These are fledglings of Eastern Rosella and Crimson Rosella parents (it is unusual for the two varieties to cross breed in the wild), nesting in our purpose built nesting box on the rear of our 1 acre garden.  You can see the cuts in the box and  wire on the right, so the young can pull themselves up out of the box and peer out the entrance hole.  This is purposely built high, so they are strong and feathers matured enough to learn how to fly.   Otherwise they play Superman and might not survive. their first flight  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. lovely use of the HST's …. I am the same and save the scraps.... how cute to see the little birds... keep us updated with their progress...

  2. Great that you have babies right in your back garden! Do hope the cat stays away.

  3. That doll's quilt is so cute!

    Amazing babies, particularly the rosella hybrids.

  4. You created something sweet for a tiny little girl. It will be much loved and appreciated. Wonderful little bird families too. Yes, keep us up to date


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