Eastern Rosella and New Holland Yellow winged Honeyeater updates

The fivc baby Eastern Rosella babies are getting their colourful feathers.
And so are the honeyeater babies.  My husband thought that they would only be in the nest for another week.  Which I am sure is when they are going to run out of room for the three of them!

I made my friend Lisa a table topper from the mini curved ruler pattern, Sunflowers for her birthday and the shape inspired the curved Dresden needlebook.
This photo highlights the over quilting the runner received.  No idea why, that's just what flowed from my brain at the time... but took way longer then I anticipated!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Love seeing those beautiful birds growing. You'll miss them when they're off on their own. Fabulous quilting.

  2. The table runner looks great!

    I love seeing the progress photos of those babies as they grow. We have magpie and kookaburra babies here, but they are too high up to see. The parents are very busy gathering food for them though.

  3. I've never heard of these birds before, but those top ones are looking very pretty. I enjoy observing the growth of baby birds around here, but nothing as striking as those.
    Cute little creations with the curved seams. I haven't attempted those for a long time and wonder if I could still do them.

  4. Am loving your baby bird progress photos, and good on you with more of those curves!!


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