Progress on Warm Regards

In a last minute rush, before we left to go on holidays, I prepped some hand sewing and packed it into my checked luggage.  It came out once, but was not touched!  There was plenty of reading, just no stitching.  I am blaming the heat for my lack of action...sweaty fingers!  When we got home I had my monthly sewing group, it was a no brainer to pack the prepped Warm Regards blocks and the most progress was made on this corner block.  
Prior to going away I had made slow progress (one birds wing!) on my Warm Regards centre.  But I am also counting the purchase of this beautiful green fabric I brought online as "progress".  Yep I finally overcame my reluctance to buying fabric off the web.  I just had to have this "old" Judie Rothermel print,  for leaves on this central panel. 
First weekend back from our holiday, we had to go away to attend my husbands oldest niece's engagement party.  
There was hand sewing galore in the car and at my in laws, and I used all the prepped leaves, stems and baskets, plus stitched down the last pesky bird wing.  
So I am back to needing to prep more leaves and some more flowers :)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love all those wonderful appliqued circles despite the sweaty fingers.

  2. Well done, love your centre block.

  3. Wow--you made great progress on that last trip, and it looks great! (I do like that Judie green, too.)

  4. Congrats on your lovely blocks. So glad you were able to overcome your aversion and find the green fabric. It’s a good one. Can I ask Sue, is that a needle case in the top of the last photo? Its a bit gorgeous.

  5. I don't think I would get much hand-sewing done in the tropics, either. But you are making great progress back home.


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