Anderson’s Mill

For Mothers Day I took my Mum to Andersons Mill at Smeaton, about a two hour drive.  The unused flour mill is built of bluestone, and does open a couple of times of the year, but I had not been since I was at university.
The large black boxes were for a light show they were projecting on the building at night over the weekend.   
I took one photo of a quilt! Made by Ann Ster from Bendigo, it is a Michele Hill design.  The quilts were all new but heritaged themed and there were some lovely Waggas made from children's clothing and suiting samples. 
Other exhibits included two ladies making socks on sock knitting machines.  I am not a knitter, but this machine was clamped on the table, about the same size as beer stein and you just turned the handle like a old fashion grinder, the yarn came in and around and around and the sock grew before your eyes...I want one!  You can buy them new (she had an antique one, but had ordered new which start at $5,000) however I think I will be able to afford lots of shop made wool socks for just $100 investment!
This is the bluestone bridge, over the creek that powered the mill.  I had other photos of the water wheel and other buildings but Blogger took three days to just download these three.  So I didn't want to overload the system anymore, in case my post won't load!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Hi - I have just stumbled on your blog. I didn't get to Anderson's Mill this year due to other commitments, but I heard it was good.

  2. I had other things on on the weekend, too, so missed the Mill this year. The quilt you did photograph is beautifully made.

  3. Sounds and looks like you and your mum had a good time.

  4. interesting place to visit....

  5. Have not heard of this place before, they say you learn something new every day!


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