Kids quilts for charity

There is nothing like a deadline to make you work that much harder!  I had a few hours to spare on Friday and this quilt had to be added to the pile to be donated on Saturday.  Binding by hand is my preference and it was nice to have some brainless handwork for in front of the TV. 
A friend helped me out with a quick picture in the car park before handing it over, this is called the Jungle quilt.  I got some great bright blue fabric at Spotlight to make binding that matched the loud green and blue striped borders.  All the rest of the fabric came from my stash, but the jungle prints were given to me by my friend Elaine.  Nice to finally use them up, as she intended me to, in a charity quilt. 
I handed over five quilts, but this Eye Spy (single bed sized) is the other quilt I had not shown you completed.  A good friend Vicki quilted it for me.   It is was one of the biggest quilts I donated and I used a scrappy binding, whatever bright colours I had in the 2.5" strip box, which worked out well.  Again all the other fabric came from my stash of novelty prints which I have cut up into squares...well mainly!  Still plenty in the box and our trip to Robe resulted in lots more to play with!
As you can see I lashed out on this vivid rainbow strip for the backing, it was on sale!  Pity about the join on one side, but there was no spare to play with, hence the yellow stripe.  All fun, for a fun quilt.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I admire those of you that get donation quilts actually made and given. I always intend to, but never seem to get the intention carried through.
    Very fun quilts!

  2. Your quilts will definitely make some smiles!


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