In the pink

I fell over very early this year in my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge sewing.  I think it was because there is no lime green left in my scraps (and I love lime green!), and March I was busy with sewing camp.

So yesterday I had time to construct one yellow star block and a few four patches.  I lack variety and volume with yellow.  But pink funnily enough (not my favorite colour) there was plenty, so I got four stars made and similar amount of four patches.
Biggest dilmma yesterday....why isnt my iron working?  I am still not sure if its the iron or the power board, just stopped pressing!  I will work it out AFTER today, because I do NOT want a new iron for Mothers Day despite it being crucial to my sewing!
Happy quilting Sue.


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  2. PINKalicious blocks with some sunshine thrown in for good measure. Happy scrapping!!

  3. Hope you managed to sort out your iron issues without getting an iron for mother's day!

  4. Beautiful blocks Sue,well done xx

  5. I love your rainbow blocks. Also need a new iron, but trying to find a stainless base is not easy.


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