Warm Regards progress

A day stitching with friends enabled me to sew down all the berries for my Warm Regards centre, now I need to make the birds wings and sew on the leaves.  I always fall down with the preparation - finding time to sew is fine, but finding time to prep....hmmm its elusive at times!
This is the progress for the Warm Regards pieced blocks, total of 46 blocks made and I need 68, so only 22 left to make.  
I have spent part the weekend making jam and enjoying my St Valentines day flowers, both say Summer to me!  
The other part of my weekend has been quilting and sewing on bindings.  I have two kids charity quilts nearly finished, but I am going to save hand stitching the bindings down for weeknight TV viewing.
I am hoping today I can fit in some machine piecing, just not sure where to start!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. thats a lot of little berries. I agree about prep time.... I've been trying to do a bunch of slicing and cutting this weekend so I have stuff ready for the machine...

  2. The jam looks good, and hope you got some machine time. I still think you do an amazing job of achieving what you do.

  3. I'd be making some biscuits to serve that delicious looking jam. Wonderful appliqued berries!

  4. That is a lot of berried to stitch down! But you are making great progress on the quilt!
    I think I can smell that jam cooking. :)
    Binding is a great activity to keep hands busy during TV time.

  5. Warm Regards is looking good. Love the sunflowers!

  6. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !



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