Quilty progress

Despite the distractions of school holidays, work trips and feeding orphan lambs (while the real farmers in my family were away on holidays)....
I have made some quilting progress on a couple of small projects.
This is my start on quilting the spring table runner from Quilts and More magazine.   
I followed the pattern for straight lined quilting in the centre, but my borders are plain instead of appliqued. 
So I was forced to decide on a pattern on my own.  This was the only quilting stencil that I own that fitted the width of the border.  The bonus with this stencil is with such gentle curves,  I can use my walking foot.  I ma very happy with the results.
 I am yet to decide how to quilt the border on my Jo Morton mini.
 Giving serious consideration to some micro quilting on this mini, but happy with central panel being cross hatched and stitch in the ditch for multiple borders for now.  I have to sit and think about this project for a while.  In the meantime I am quilting yet another table runner...I only seem to be able to focus on little projects at present :)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Looks good, and well done that you are focussing on something, even thought it's small.

  2. they look great.... sweet to have some little lambs around and I love your projects...

  3. Table runners are great small projects. The floral one looks very spring-like.

  4. Lovely quilting. Not everything design has to be complicated. What darling little lambs. Looks like the kids where having fun.

  5. Looks good, and well done that you are focussing on something, even thought it's small.



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