Marvelous Mini Monday update

I am participating in the Temecula Quilt Co Marvelous Mini Monday.
I wanted to use reproduction scraps, but couldn't let go enough to have a different fabric on each side of the centre block, so I have been very controlled.
I liked the blocks so much I decided to make a second set in red, pink and shirtings.
After making such tiny centres, to have solid centres for block 4 seemed a bit "easy"!
No complaints, because we had to make four of easy is good!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I like the same fabric around each side. All of them are really pretty, and when you decide how you will put them together, it will be very special I'm sure. Oh, and the one/fabric centers will give my eyes a place to rest! ---"Love"

  2. those are just gorgeous.....

  3. I like the way you are framing your blocks. If I ever get around to making them, I may do the same.
    These are so cute.
    Oh, boy--two sets. I used to do that to myself with Temecula SALs, and maybe that is why I quit doing them. But I really want to do this one!

  4. Just catching up with all your posts. Good to see you busy with lovely results.

  5. There's nothing wrong with "easy". Your blocks are looking good!

  6. GREAT idea to make two sets - I love the red/white/pink color combo!

  7. I think 4" is small so you are going well

  8. These tiny blocks are so sweet. There's a lot of pieces in some of them, too! They will make two lovely quilts.

  9. So fun that you are making two versions!
    I had the same "problem" about needing to make the block frames from one fabric.

  10. Just catching up with all your posts. Good to see you busy with lovely results.



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