Woolly Basket wall hanging finish

I cannot believe that I forgot to show you the finished Woolly Basket wall hanging (pattern by Dawn Heese).  After all the excitement of our local quilt exhibition and preparation (sewing hanging sleeves) I forgot to post photos on my blog.   
 Simple stipple in the linen backgrounds.
Machine quilted a stencil pattern that fitted onto the border, this is my favourite stencil our group owns, as I know I can do it on the machine....but I do get lost trying to see the pen markings (must get my eyes checked) sometimes when the fabric is dark.  I used a Frixon pen, which is great, as the line is thin but clear.  However when I ironed it out there was a faint loss of colour.  Not a lot, but I did notice it.  So I will be a bit more paranoid about where I use this pen in future.  
The combined quilting was sufficient to make the sashing pop, so I left it unquilted.  Really happy with this wall hanging and the wool applique was perfect for winter nights stitching, so I will be doing some more this winter.  
AND the bonus is that my father made me this lovely shelf/quilt hanger, which I made sure was the exact size to fit this quilt.  Now just got to get hubby to fix it  the wall!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love the hanger, good dad you have, and it looked great hanging at the quilt show.

  2. oh that looks great and will be wonderful once hanging at home for you from your new shelf.......

  3. I love your quilt - worked out just lovely. Yes the frixion pens can bleach the fabric, I only like using it on light fabrics which won't show. Love your new shelf/quilt hanger...

  4. I LOVE this little quilt, Sue. I think your colors work beautifully, and the whole thing is as happy as can be!

  5. Your quilt is really lovely, and your quilting is perfect! I've had a similar experience with Frixion pens too. ---"Love"

  6. It is stunning! I love Dawn's designs and you really have done this one justice. I don't use any chemical marking pens for the very reason you mentioned. I use a Sewline white lead or regular lead pencil very lightly. I am so afraid of what those chemicals will do over time. I'm glad your experience wasn't that bad! This is beautiful!

  7. I love your shelf/quilt hanger! Perfect for this lovely quilt. Did your father make up the design, or is there a pattern somewhere for the hanger?

  8. What a lovely quilt hanger to display your woolie baskets. It's a wonderful finish. I'm glad the marker you used didn't do anything too noticeable. I'm pretty cautious like Wendy.

  9. Love the prim style wool baskets piece. Just my style. I do watch what I use the Frixion pens on as it can leave a bit of white line. Those pens really weren't meant for making quilts.


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