Out of the deep dark stash

I have come to the conclusion that when fabric has been in your stash for more than ten years, using it somehow is better then not.  I won this fabric....I know that was more than ten years ago.  
 The prints are on the bigger side, so I figured showcasing them in a snowball block was a good idea.  Plus it is a quick and easy block to make.
 The camera doesn't do the colours justice, they are olive green not grey blocks.  
I have a few stripes of the tan fabrics I used in the corners left over, so will try and make a simple border, then look for a print to buy as a border.  There is nothing suitable in my stash, but thats OK, it was free fabric!  It is already a nice lap sized quilt, but would like to make it a bit bigger if I can find something I like. 
I found this Dresden mini in a box.  It only needed the centre appliqued on, so I did that.
Then quilted and bound it. I am keeping this one for myself!  
In another box (can you tell I am cleaning up!) I found 16 spool blocks left over from my Bonnie Hunter leaders and enders spool quilt.  I couldn't bring myself to throw them out.  
So I quickly quilted and bound them, now I have a little table runner and a mug rug :)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I love it when tidying up means creating! I just love the table runner and Dresden :)

  2. Don't blame you for keeping the rainbow Dresden--very pretty!
    Nice use of your leftover spool blocks.
    I think I will avoid cleaning my sewing room right now. I don't need more projects distracting me. :)

  3. You're definitely on a clean it up and get it finished mode. I'm not sure what I would actually find if I dug deep into the depth of my stash. You're right, it really should be used, if I dared to look.

  4. Great use of your fabrics.... those snowballs are so effective... and the little finishes are lovely too - it's a nice feeling using up blocks lying around isn't it...

  5. Your snowball block fabrics are gorgeous Sue…very Morris like so maybe that new Morris fabric range might be nice??!! Oops..maybe no need for MORE fabric! x

  6. Love all the pockets within. Looks like a really handy bag. If you need a thinking cap on to sew it, though, I'd better steer clear of that pattern! : )



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