Vivid Grid Quilt = Finished!

The pattern for Vivid Grid by Sharon McConnell ( was published in Quilts and More magazine, Spring 2017.  I started making the blocks in February and finished sewing the binding in May 2017.  
The red fabric came out of my stash, the teal tone on tone dot was a wide back left over, the white polka dot backgrounds were all left overs from another quilt.  I confess to buying 30 cm of hot pink and bright orange from Spotlight.  Kicked myself later as I found some hot pink yardage in my backing stash!
Basically the bulk of fabric for this quilt came out of my collection of 2.5" strips - many years ago I cut up my stash and scraps into strips.  There are a few pieces that were actually left over binding I simply ironed flat again!  I did buy this cute aqua with a white spot for the backing, given most of the fabric came out of my stash.  And there was sufficient to use it for the binding as well.
My LAQ Vicki Jenkin always has a good sense of what works on a quilt.  And as I am predominately a traditional quilter and this is very modern I just thought/said "bubbles?" and Vicki guided me to a pattern that looks good stitched out.  To be honest I find it hard to pick a pattern off a picture, but I trust Vicki and I am really really happy with this quilting.

 My quilt finished at 69 x 59" because I made it 6 x 7, the published pattern was 6 x 5 blocks.
I love this pattern so much I have plans to make another one in a different palette.
Happy quilting Sue. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Love it AND the quilting.

  2. This is delightful! And the "bubbles" quilted over the squares and angles makes a nice juxtaposition.

  3. Lovely! And the modern "bubbles" are the perfect quilting design for it.

  4. Lovely quilt, well done again, and I use that pattern, I think called Asti a lot, it looks great.

  5. You should be bubbling over with happiness on how this one turned out!

  6. Congratulations on your bubbly finish! This quilt is just so happy looking, be proud!

  7. Such lovely colours and I just love that quilting!!!

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