Vivid Grid - a new quilt commenced!

I brought the Spring 2017 edition of Quilts and More and fell in love with Vivid Grid by Sharon McConnell.  
This pattern resonated with me because my 2.5" strip box had a reasonable amount of bright fabric in various colours.  I don't have anything against a bright palette.  It's just not what normally captures my attention first, which is why they were still in the box.
As the 2.5" wide strips were already cut, I just had to cut them to the two different lengths.  I was going to kit up enough blocks to make the quilt and then leave it for quilt camp.  
But a girl has to make one test block right? 
And then play with all the pretty colours!
Honestly within two days I was two blocks off finishing the top!  Its about now that I read the rest of the instructions...well the start where it tells you that the finished quilt is 50 x 60".  That's not big enough for me and while I confess to buying 30 cm of hot pink and orange - there are still plenty of my scraps (and a few fat quarters) to use.
So I am going to make another two row....that's only 12 blocks, and this time I will find the strength to just kit them up to take to quilt camp?!
Happy quilting Sue.   


  1. very effective pattern ... some more blocks will make it a good size..

  2. A very happy quilt. Really like the sprinklings of polka dots throughout the fabrics.
    If you are having a good time making the blocks, then by all means--go big!

  3. The purpose of the exercise to make quilts and have fun. Seems to me that you have achieved both. You will always find more things to do.

  4. You'd better pack another couple projects too because you're going to have this delightful quilt finished before you leave for your retreat.

  5. lovely blocks,your quilt is lovely,well done Sue.

  6. It sounds like you had a lot of fun - plus, it's looking great! You've got a head start on your sewing for retreat, that's all!


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