Patchwork camp Part 2

 M made a feather table runner with gorgeous quilted feathers in the border.

 H worked on lots of projects, but showed us her beautiful blocks from Sue Daley book Raspberry Parlour.
S finished her Disappearing pinwheel - we made this pattern together about two years ago, I have just finished mine too!  She likes clear colours and I think it looks great.
 S was discussing border fabric, and when I pointed out the fabric in the bottom LH corner, she grinned and produced what she had already purchased - its basically a match!  I love this fresh white and red/pink combination
 S also made Zombie star blocks and sashed her Star Wars quilt.  
Which was a project she worked on last year, but we decided would benefit from sashing, which it has!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Enjoyed seeing the variety of projects.
    I started one of those churn dash quilts a couple of years ago, but only got 4 or 5 blocks made. Wonder where they are? : )

  2. I just love those feathers...

  3. How great for you to be part of a group with such diversity


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