Impulse shopping and Wooly Basket progress

In order to continue stitching this block from my Woolly Baskets I needed another skein of brown thread.
That lead to the purchase of this magazine....with the oh so tempting scrappy pencil quilt on the front cover!
Which was quickly followed by a trip down the sale isle to see what bargins were lurking on the shelves.... 
This was just too cute to leave behind but I dont need any more cot quilt panels!

Yet two came home with was an expensive trip for one skein of thread!
But it resulted in some stitching progress...
 Blocks six - finished!
 Block 9 - finished!
I have started prepping the two outstanding blocks (1 and 12).  Spring is proving to be wet, windy and winter like, with occasional days of sunshine.  So I  am trying to get this finished, while warm wool is still on my mind!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Almost seems like you should be able to combine the alphabet panel with the pencil design somehow.
    Your wool baskets are adorable! They have so much personality. : )
    I've saved the patterns, but have yet to make one.

  2. Going into the shop for some thread can lead to some wonderful purchases. Your basket blocks are super cute. Sounds like the spring weather is dealing just for you and your blocks. :0)

  3. those wooly baskets are so lovely... .its very hard to come out with only what's on the list!

  4. Those baskets look lovely all together. Looks like a fun project.


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