Red and White Dresden flimsy finish

There has been a fair bit of denial happening in my sewing room.
 Denial that I had lost my tape measure.  Denial that I would be stupid enough to leave it in a cupboard!
Denial that I had an hour in my day to sew on a border to finish this quilt.
 Sew I stopped fighting the negative thoughts and just got on with it. 
To say I am fairly happy too finish this top is an understatement.  I have had a burning desire to make a red and white Dresden quilt for a long long long time.  And finally here it is.  
Unfortunately there are two quilts ahead of it in the queue at the long arm quilters.  So until there is more cash to be had it will stay a top for awhile longer.
Still it is finished!  And I have "found" my tape measure.  So all is good in my world again.
Happy quilting Sue.  


  1. Finally, you must be pleased, as it was so close to finished when I saw it, now how long ago was that???

  2. oh wow, i have loved watching you make those dresdens - it is so effective. funny how we delay things even when there is not a heap to do to finish it.... I also have a queue of quilts waiting ... sigh


  3. That is one incredibly beautiful quilt top! ---"Love"

  4. Stunning Sue. I'd be shuffling it to the top of the quilting queue.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Great job satisfying that burning desire. : )
    This is a wonderful style of Dresden Plate. Don't know if I have seen it anywhere before.

  6. There's no denying that your quilt is incredible! I'm with Susan, put this one at the top of the quilting queue!

  7. Awesome. No, I mean AWESOME!! Congratulations for getting to the top stage. It's a stunner and I know it will be even more once quilted. Enjoy! ;^)

  8. Great work and a fabulous result. I too procrastinate instead of just doing the job. You have inspired me.

  9. What a wonderful quilt!! I absolutely love it!


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