Circa 2016 blocks

Temecula Circa 2016 - three Rail Fence blocks, 3.5" unfinished. Just realised the light strip is suppose to be in the centre, so a little unpicking required on one block!
Catching up slowly.  These are the four Pinwheel blocks that go in the center of this quilt.  
I love these bright colours. Quite a few of these fabrics were a gift for my birthday last year from my friend Vicki.  I normally use a muddy palette, but it has been nice to steer towards brights.  
More action to show after I get my computer fixed - so blogging is quicker and easier ;)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Like you, I usually use the "dark & dirty" fabrics, but find it refreshing to use a little brighter colors now and then. These are very cute little blocks. : )

  2. can't wait to see this come together.........nice fabrics........

  3. Wonderful colors. Isn't fun to be able to do a sew along with a shop half way around the world. I love it!

  4. your blocks are gorgeous...

  5. Have fun with your gorgeous fabrics. Liking the results so far.

  6. Sure are cute little blocks. Well done.

  7. Yes, I think I will stick with the easier Dear Jane blocks that are twice the size of yours!


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