My wall hanging (Hookers Hat Patch from Carol Hopkins book Civil War Legacies) has been sitting neglected for months.  I originally quilted it with Stitch in the Ditch around the blocks and simple straight lines on the border.  But I was really disappointed that the borders went wavy.  I am not sure if I blame the mitered borders or the quilting.  I am thinking blocking will potentially fix it...but I have never blocked a quilt before, so not confident of my skills.
With this minor dilemma I was tempted to just wack on the binding and claim it as a finish!
Of course after it sat neglected for months I changed my mind!  That is a quilters prerogative isn't it?  
 So I am not sure if you call this echo quilting, because it reflects the zig zag of the sashing or just chevron?  I had to make a choice at the end of the row, how to finish the pattern,  which I just made up as I went (and involved a little unpicking) but I am pleased with the end result.
Mind you the borders still ripple!
Now just need to bind it and then I can investigate blocking, to see if it solves the rippled edges.  It would be nice to call this project finished this month!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Hi Sue ,wpw this is gorgeous,well done and thankyou for sharing xx

  2. This is such a great little quilt! I think you did a good job on the quilting in the red zigzags.
    Very frustrating when borders ripple and you can't tell why. I have blocked a few little quilts like that, and it has helped.

  3. It's looking great, hope you can fix the ripples.

  4. Your quilting really adds to the design and accentuates that wonderful zigzag setting. I like your new header.

  5. I love these blocks and colours, good luck with your borders :)

  6. It looks lovely.....I'm sure the ripples will sort out

  7. I love your quilt! What a beauty! I totally understand about how wavy borders nag at you. I had one myself that resulted in my taking off the borders, trimming off a bit, and then re-attaching. Lots of work and a major headache, but I was glad I did it after all was said and done. Good luck!


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