Woolly basket progress

I have been fitting in a bit more evening hand work and finished three more woolly basket blocks
 Block 2 
Block 5
I have given  up on trying to add strawberry seeds. I figured it was obvious they were strawberries!
Block 10
I have two more patterns traced off and ready to cut wool pieces for.  But I have the last 2 patterns downloaded on my computer and the printer will not recognize them to print them off.  Talk about stuck in cyber space. I wish I had more IT skills!  
Overnight temperatures have dropped again this week but my garden is starting to bloom after a few days of lovely sunshine.  I am trying to spend time in the garden and at my sewing machine, its what I call a happy juggle!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love your progress. It's frustrating when computer stuff doesn't work, because I have no idea how to fix it either

  2. Absolutely adorable baskets! I am so tempted to drop everything and make these. Must.Be.Strong!!
    My brother used to always tell me "Computers only do what you tell them to." I didn't believe him then and I don't believe him now!

  3. My garden needs some TLC after being ignored for winter, enjoy the happy juggle.

  4. your baskets are lovely ..... I get frustrated with IT too.


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