a new beginning?

Due to the pain I am having pain in my right shoulder I have been looking to reduce activities that aggravate it.  However I had a days sewing booked in, whats a girl to do?
With minimal time to prepare, I tore through my project boxes looking for an "easy" project for the day.
Alas everything required either fabric purchases (which means a road trip) or was more complicated than I had the brain space for. 
Except for this layer cake, and length of charcoal shot cotton I had bundled together, with a pattern!
 Yep, I started a new project!  With a few turns of the Go Cutter I had my layer cake and background cut into 2.5" strips.  And then I could settle into some mindless piecing.
All that piecing resulted in all these long stripes, which I have also sewed into pairs.
That took all day, but all I have to do is sew the pairs all together and I am 3/4 finished!  
This is the free pattern I am using;
and I have pinched the photo of the finished quilt (68" x 80") by the 
designer Jo Kramer from her blog: Jo's Country Junction
A very simple strip quilt, but perfect for my days sewing as everything came out of my stash and I didn't have to think beyond sewing five different strips together.  My colours are very different from this photo, so hope to have a finished top to show you next time!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. That will be a lovely quilt.....
    Hope the shoulder improves so you can sew......

  2. So will you have charcoal where the pattern has white? Looks like a nice project. Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon.

  3. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. You chose a great pattern for a quick but very modern looking quilt.

  4. I like that design. Very fun!
    Oh, be careful with the shoulder. I've been in therapy for mine since September of last year! Finally getting better.


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