Cot quilt - a lovely finish

 I am really happy with this finished quilt.
Love the simplicity of it
And I love the quirky zigzag quilting on the border.
I was disappointed to not be able to stitch down the binding, but thems the breaks.
I would rather save my arm/hand pain for something else.
Thanks Mum for coming to my rescue, so another cot quilt is finished!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Another lovely little finish. The border fabric looks great too. Take care of those shoulders, terribly debilitating.

  2. That turned out super cute. The co,ours are bright and cheerful and the zig zag quilting adds to the cuteness. Thank goodness for moms!

  3. What a happy quilt. The border quilting is really cute.

  4. YOu must be busy now with your job, hope you are getting some sewing done, in amongst all
    the other duties.


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