Piecing in Portland 1

When a girl goes sewing with her Mum and two friends for the weekend you know that you are going to do some serious "finish it up" sewing OR start a new project.
I opted to finish some projects....because I have more UFOs hanging around then I care to admit.  
I only started this modern quilt a few weeks ago, but I wanted a back up project that was easy.
We didn't have room for a design wall, so we had a design floor!  But realistically I just randomly pieced this and didn't not over think where the colours or prints were going.
So here it is with the borders on - a flimsy finished!  
The pattern and fabric colours are not my usual style or taste but it was fun to work outside of my comfort zone and easier then I thought.
Following our weekend of sewing I had a week away with work, which resulted in the purchase of backings.  This is the backing I choose for this quilt - which I am going to call Barcelona, after the fabric range.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Not your usual colours, but I like it. Nice to have a change of scenery.

  2. Your newest finsh is really pleasing to the eye. It's a fantastic modern design and probably easy to make with a jelly roll or any fabric strips. I like the backing too. It goes with the modern look.

  3. the quilt turned out really pretty

  4. I agree, it is refreshing to try something new. Your project is very contemporary and it looks great.

  5. It looks good, glad you had some sewing time.


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