Flimsy finish - Hookers Hat Patch

I faced my blocks in a different direction, but the instructions for this quilt came from Carol Hopkins book Civil War Legacies.  The pattern is called Hookers Hat Patch - named after the red patches General Hooker gave his troops to wear on their hats.
I cut lots of red triangles and made rows.
Stitched the rows together.
Admired the zig zag setting - which is something I have longed to do.
And bingo it was done!  Hmm not quite as easy as it sounds.
 I will be celebrating mitering the final border for a long time to come. 
I would attempt a mitred border again, but first rule, forget measuring, just use the whole strip of fabric and trim later.  I wasted good time unpicking borders because the strip wasn't long enough...I did this several times before I got my brain around the fact that you need lots of overhang to mitre a border!  I only stitched the actual mitre once...that was easy!
End result, three out of the four corners the stripes meet perfectly.  That distracts me from the points I cut off when setting the blocks.  And the fact I should have pressed open every seam on this quilt - because there are lots of lumps and bumps to deal with when I come to the quilting.  That said,  overall I am a happy quilter!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Great job Sue, love the stripey border. Nothing beats a good mitre. How big is it? It's hard to get a sense of size from the pic.

  2. I love mitres borders with striped fabric, well done.

  3. A striped border and mitered corners is always a fun way to finish a vintage looking quilt. The zigzag setting is one I've wanted to try as well. You did a lovely job.

  4. A wonderful finish! I love this quilt. Oh, funny about the miter experience (not really funny--I'm sure it was frustrating). I had a similar experience with my first miter and I have never done another one. I hope you have a better track record in the future than I have. : )

  5. lovely .........well done with the borders..........

  6. I love this little quilt, the design, the colours and the mitred corners. Well done.

  7. Love this quilt - the block - the setting - and the border. EXCELLENT!


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