Table runner curves

 Not a lot of stitching action is happening here of late.  However I did have one sewing deadline to meet.  I needed to finish this table runner as I am donating it is a prize in a raffle.  Ann from Periwinkle Patchwork taught us how to used the curved ruler in September.  
I wanted to keep the quilting modern, but I am no expert in that department and had a deadline to get it finished!
I stippled in the centres and straight lines which curve back at the much easier to do this continuous line then piano keys, so I might try this again on a more traditional piece.  
All the big ticket non sewing time wasters are been completed now, so hopefully I can get some productive sewing done this week.
Happy quilting, Sue. 


  1. Nice curved piecing and the quilting seems to set it off. Hope you get to have a little more quilting time soon.

  2. I'm no expert on modern, either, but what you have done looks good to me! : )

  3. Interesting block design. I like the quilting, straight lines and stippling always look great.

  4. so pretty and I love it... great quilting for it... I do love doing those lines with a curve ...



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