Archies Diggers

My boys love their quilts for snuggling under while watching TV.  They also have quilts on their beds to keep them warm.  And our oldest son has some "extra" special quilts that live in the linen press!  But many years ago he picked out some digger fabric while at Hettie's Patch with me.  
When I realised that this special digger fabric was still unused I decided that another special boy was a better age to appreciate it.  I used a Ursula Reikes pattern, which made good use of the large print.  There was enough red to make the border but not the binding.  There is still digger fabric left over, so DS1 might get his own digger quilt yet!  I think Archie and his brothers will have fun finding the different machines in the pattern and that the snuggling flannel backing will make it a fun cuddly quilt for years to come.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. My goodness, you do churn them out, can't wait until I can get to my UFO pile, after the renos are done though!

  2. Made up into a very cute quilt! Inspires me to want to make something fun from a novelty print.

  3. This is a great boys quilt. I have a few digger quilts too. It's impossible to resist a little boy begging you to buy his favourite fabric.

  4. that's a lovely quilt Sue...


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