Threadbare, Castlemaine

     Threadbear, the patchwork shop in the Central Victorian goldfields town of Castlemaine specialise in reproduction fabrics.  I didn't just love it, I wanted to live there!  Honestly the phase, "like a kid in a candy shop" applied to me the minute I walked into Threadbear.  I didn't know where to start or what to cute muffin packs or yardage!
The second question people asked me, after finding out that I finally made it to Threadbear, was, what did your husband do while you were shopping!  Frankly that was important as this was not a shopping trip to be rushed.
Well normally he would be entertaining the kids, but gasp, we were on a weekend away without the kids!!!  
OMG yes we might have racked up a decade of marriage, so thought we were entitled to a weekend away to celebrate.  
 The general consensus was that I needed to buy a metre for every year we were married....a bolt per child was mentioned as well, but DH managed to avoid complete financial ruin!
 Yes we had a lovely anniversary weekend away.  I did ask DH if on a scale of one to ten, where he rated wandering through markets and patchwork shops, but I didn't get an answer!  Don't worry folks I also went BBQ shopping with him and we brought the Rolls Royce of BBQ's!  
The final fabulous touch to the weekend was visiting Buda, the historical house and gardens donated to the town of Castlemaine by the Leviny family.    I took this photo off their website.
Buda Historic Home & Garden Castlemaine
It was well worth seeing as it showcased lots of lovely landscaping ideas and DH took lots of photos (sorry on his phone not my camera), because without me saying a word, he wanted to replicate them at our house too!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful shop. Your experience reminds me of my visit to the Busy Thimble Shop earlier this year. So fun and so overwhelming! You made some lovely finds.
    That home and garden photo is beautiful. How nice that hubby wants to replicate some garden ideas. My hubby doesn't mind taking me to quilt shops, but he isn't interested in gardening.

  2. Just seeing your post title made me want to get in the car and just drive til I got to Threadbear. It's one of my dream destinations so I'm a tad envious. Congratulations on the big ten years.....every anniversary is a special achievement. I do rather like the idea of a metre per year and child, and wish I'd thought of it when I was in Quiltsmith for my 20th!! Good luck with the garden (and the new BBQ).

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary - sounds like a perfect weekend... gorgeous buying - I haven't heard of a muffin pack before - what is that?

  4. happy anniversary and what a lovely way to spend it for both of you...

  5. love all your shopping........happy anniversary......


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