LIttle red houses

My friend Ann helped me pick out some fabrics to get these house blocks together.  They have been orphaned for quite some time and I could not get them to look right in different settings. I don't think the contrast between the red houses and red star is ideal, but I am happy. 
I like the fact that it makes a nice wall hanging at this size.  There is a small temptation to make a pieced border.  I am still contemplating that.  With my "new" enlarged reproduction stash I could certainly find some nice reds to make a half square triangle border.  
There are still four houses to deal with - they are in the "negative" colour combination.  I think they will make a nice pillow.
Happy quilting, Sue. 


  1. So nice that those little orphans now have a "home". Turned out very sweet!

  2. Good that you found a way of using the blocks, too much work to just throw them out.

  3. You got creative and the houses worked out well. I think a little border would make a great frame.

  4. Love how you have set these house blocks.


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