Boys I Spy Quilt

Ta dah another finish using stash and scrap!  Sorry folks there has been a bit of deception going on here.  I quilted this big lap quilt in October, but only just put the binding on.  So please don't think I am superwoman, I am just craving some sewing and binding is as close as I am getting to my machine at present.
 I used all my previously cut up novelty scraps.  But as I had previously found them a bit busy if I randomly pieced them together, this time I sewed them into four patches, matching them by their background colours.
Then I used a great idea I found on Pinterest - this jigsaw quilting pattern.  It was easy to do - basically straight lines down the quilt with a bump outwards.  Then you quilt back up the other way and do a bump inwards!  And I didn't have to mark lines I just eyeballed in the middle of my blocks, too easy and super cute on a kids quilt!
So there you have it.  It has just struck me that I lack fabrics with purple and pink backgrounds, but given I have just made some cot quilts in those colours I guess I must have used up those scraps...well a girl can only hope!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. it's a lovely quilt and great quilting idea.... great finish superwoman!

  2. It looks great. When they blend like that it takes more time to look and see all the different things on the quilt. What a super quilting pattern idea! It has worked well on such a busy quilt. Yay for a finish!


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