Pack it, move it and quilt it!

This is what my sewing/guest room has looked like for the last month or so since we sold the house.
 Packing boxes became a daily habit.  And we moved into our new house on Friday, so now I have to unpack them ;( .  Once I have unpacked a bit more then the basics (beds, fridge and crockery) I will show you some shots of the new house....don't expect it to be decorated!  
Somewhere in those boxes will be this cute fat quarter I got as at our Christmas break up from my quilting group.  And the lovely batiks at the same break up from my Kris Kringle.  I can feel another red and white quilt coming on.  The batiks are ear marked for a different project...batiks are new to me, but I have a plan!

The lovely Elaine Kennedy finished long arm quilting my scrappy blue 9 patch quilt and I sewed on the binding before we left Adelaide.  She used a baptist fan pattern at my request, it is a favorite of mine and I felt it was fitting as I had used so many reproduction fabrics.
I caught my DH in our old garden long enough to get a shot, but we really needed a second pair of hands to hold this double bed size quilt.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love your quilt! Good luck with the unpacking.

  2. So glad you and all your stuff got there in one piece. Enjoy the unpacking ( Im strange I like doing that ) and come back to show us the new dogs as soon as you can.

    LOVE the latest finish too by the way!

  3. Good luck with the move. It will be lovely having a new quilt to display. When I visited that patchwork shop you told me about in Ballarat, the owner gave me a great tip about batiks. She was telling me because of their weave they are perfect for raw edge applique. They hardly fray because of their close weave. She showed me a quilt. It really did work well with raw edge applique. Something for you to ponder perhaps. See you when you settle in.

  4. Great to have moved and you can unpack and shift around things to where you want them... I love your quilt... it looks fantastic.....

  5. Absolutely love your quilt. Best get the Christmas tree and sewing room unpacked first! Have fun.

  6. . Your scraps came together creating something beautiful. I know the move will go well even if it's a lot of hard work.


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