Pink Minky Cot Quilt

 Another finished cot quilt.  I actually forgot to show you the finished photos of this quilt...I found it while packing boxes and that prompted my memory.
 Again I chose very basic machine quilting, trying to keep it simple and soft.  I used scraps of the body of the quilt, brought the minky for borders and the cute pink/purple dots for binding.  
I then pieced very scrap of flannel fabric I could find for the back.  Its a bit wonky, but they are fun prints and I think its more important that they are cuddly soft then perfect! 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Cuddly and soft are more important than perfection. The minky on the border just makes me want to try and touch it.

  2. Absolutely true about cuddly and soft. Someone will love snuggling in it.

  3. Beautiful! Cuddly and soft quilts are my very favorite kind.

  4. Somebody is going to love snuggling with your sweet quilt.


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