Purple Minky Cot Quilt

Finally some quilt photos!  
This cot sized quilt was another stash busting exercise.  I used up left over minky for the backing, my kids are now begging me for lovely, soft on the back of their next quilts : )  
On the front were all the purples I could muster from my stash.  But I have to confess to buying the purple minky for the borders and the binding - a cute purple and pink dot print.  
I machine stitched this very simply and suspect at a later date it might get the better of me and I will add some extra quilting in the center....but definitely after we move house!
 Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. You are like super woman, packing sewing, quilting your talents are boundless.

  2. yep, i also can't believe that you are still quilting in the lead up to your move, you must be one super organised woman!

  3. Someone is going to adore that quilt with all that silky, cuddly minky. Is it hard to sew and quilt with? I know my son would love a quilt backed with Minky too.

  4. It's gorgeous... did you find the minky easy to work with when quilting... I thought it might move?

  5. Super sweet for someone special.

  6. Mmmm, love all the purple! Very cute!

  7. Soft and fluffy quilts are definitely the best kind. Love the colours in this .

    Not long now. Are you counting down yet?


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