I found it!

No. 1 excuse for not blogging - I moved my PC and misplaced the cord that connected my camera to my computer.  Please accept my sincere apologies, it will not happen again, I will guard it like my first (and last) born child....promise!
 Life has been busy, in the last month since I posted, we have brought a new house, had a big clean up and sold our existing house.  AND I have resigned from my job.  So I am now in count down mode... how many days of work are left and how many days to pack before we have to move house....did I mention the new house was interstate?
Bring on the NEW shiny toy.....much more interesting!
 See what I bought at the Quilt show?  Well the truth is my friend rang me and said she was buying one, so while she was there would I like one too?!  I have only spent the last five years talking about one, so what the heck its only money!  And then I duly drove up to the showgrounds and picked her up out the front, cos this baby is heavy and she had TWO to carry!
 At 6 am this morning I could be found in my sewing room (now filled with packing boxes) doing the ironing.  Yes I made myself iron all the clothes first...then I played!  So your suppose to practise on scrap fabric.  Hmm guess who has already PACKED her scrap fabric!  Yep, my sewing machine hasn't been out for a month, so I figured I wouldn't been needing my scraps!
The other exciting thing to  happen this week is my long arm quilter finished two of my quilts.  So I am going to have to get my poor neglected machine out of the cupboard and sew binding on this weekend.  Ahhh, shucks guess that means I am going to HAVE to also sew up these lovely new shapes!
Happy quilting, Sue


  1. Looks like fun. Good luck with the move.

  2. I'd be opening those boxes and finding my scraps...I reckon you can knock off another quilt top before you move using that new toy of yours.

  3. New toys are always fun ...... Packing and moving are not.

  4. I have a friend who has the same toy and LOVES it. Have fun despite all the moving stuff.


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