Bittersweet Briar is hung!

I have been slowly finishing the binding on the Bittersweet Briar wall hanging from Kim Diehl's book Simple Graces.
This photo on the lawn washes out the colour, but made for a better background shot.
I tried to take photos that showed the free motion quilting I did.
Which is way easier then actually quilting black on black!
This quilt is now hanging up in our house and I get a kick out if every day.  I do however think that it needs more quilting in the centre flower.  That is on my to do list, but a bit distracted with other priorities on the home front right now.  So I am just going to enjoy looking at it in the meantime.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. What a lovely quilt you should be so pleased with it. That could be the finishing touch that sells the house.

  2. Wow is has turned out so effective.... I can see why you love it... and your quilting is perfect... I do agree a little bit on the red flower will stop it droopping.... it's stunning Sue... well done...

  3. It's lovely Sue, and your quilting is so perfect for it. I agree I with Fiona, a little more on the flower would add some more texture, but it is still a great finish.

  4. Absolutely glorious and your quilting is fantastic . High fives all round from me !

  5. So beautiful! You have done a superb job with your quilt. And your free motion quilting is looking mighty fine. Enjoy looking at it every time you walk past.

  6. Very well done! I love that background fabric, and how the lines rotate direction. So lovely!

  7. lovely quilt and well done on a great finish.


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