I stuck to the plan, Stan!

Having a short term goal to achieve really worked for me over the weekend and a few nights after work this week.
I have stayed focused.  I have the slow burning desire to start a new project, but I haven't, cos I need to finish these ones first!
The Bittersweet Briar wall hanging now has all the leaves and stems machine appliqued down, plus a few berries and flowers.  The two big flowers are still pinned.  I am stumped on the colour for the fourth flower....still tempted to buy more fabric!  How did I ever develop this addiction for fabric?  Sew glad there is no cure!
The two cot quilts have binding machine stitched one, and hand sewing half done.  I will take photos when I can get some better light, so they don't look gloomy like this one!
This is my finished Scrappy Four Patch quilt, label and binding all done.  I have to make a laundry bag and then it is ready to send to a Aussie Hero serving in our defence forces overseas.  Not the best photo, but it was not outside weather.  Do you like our rocking horse?   My father made him for our boys, a very special gift, made with love.  The kids come in to see me when I am hand stitching in the lounge, and ride the horse while they are telling me something about their day...or dobbing on their sibling....or asking for a snack!
Happy quilting Sue SA


  1. the block is great.... yes, I love the rocking horse and it is the most perfect prop for your quilts...

  2. Good for you....maybe you can start a new project as a reward! Your rocking horse is the perfect prop for a quilt photo, and very special that you dad made him.

  3. Your appliqué is looking great. I love how the four squares that make up the background are rotated. Hopefully, the fabric addiction will never have a cure! What a treasure from your dad. And I did notice the quilt too. Certainly a special gift for a honored person.

  4. "Sew glad"....he he ...I see what you did there .

    Your applique looks fantastic. Looks like short term goals worked really well for you! And the scrappy 4 patch is beautiful. (as is that horse which is seriously a work of art!)

  5. Great quilt and a wonderful rocking horse.

  6. Love your applique top so far. I have wanted to do that pattern fro a long time but just haven't started it.
    Love the way you photographed your quilt on the horse. Very pretty.


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