All caught up for July

I plodded along on Sunday and managed to get the last two BOM blocks for the Sugar Block Club done.
Can you see the hopping kangaroos?
Sorry I tried to rotate this picture after I had uploaded it, and it didn't work.  My wheel is spinning the wrong way but I don't care!  I am loving the stripes in the corner with the dotty centre.  This colour combo is very "out there" for me, but I really really like it now its finished!
I have made a bit more progress on my Bittersweet Briar wall hanging.  More work is required and I am still not sure about the colours I have used for the large flowers.  This is a terrible photo colour wise because I took it inside at night, but I think I will applique on the many yellow berries and then make a final decision on the flowers.  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Making great progress. Love the kangaroos, I needed some of that last week!

  2. I love those Ausi fabrics.. they are so fun... and your Briar block is stunning...

  3. Lots of fun things coming from your sewing room at the moment. I love the striped corner squares and your hopping kangaroos are just wonderful.

  4. Your sugar block club blocks look great. Love the green and the roos are a great choice.
    Your applique block is fabulous. I love the black background. To me your colours look fine. Nothing looks out of place.

  5. i have spent a LOT of time looking at the blocks, and trying to work out where the hopping kangaroo was, and now I finally see them in the fabric, when I was trying to imagine that second block as somehow hopping!!?? LOL!


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