Another Maisy cot quilt!

Poor Maisy cot quilt has been folded up, out of the way while we had visitors.  When I found her I realised I hadn't showed her off to you all - but think I should have laid her out flat overnight first!  I went a big mad with the FMQ and "wrote" numbers in the side borders and stippled other parts on the quilt.  
I was just finishing the binding on my last cot panel quilt last night when I realised the front side of the binding wasn't machine stitched on properly, so there is a bit of unpicking and repairing work to do today.
These are the Sugar Block Club blocks from the BOM my friend Karen joined me up to.  I like them all,   except the one in the bottom right corner because it is 1/4" too small.  I have unpicked it once, but it is still too small.   AND obviously we are in July and I only have four blocks done.  So yesterday I started to try and catch up.  One of the challenges of these blocks, is working out which fabric I am going to use.  The print fabrics were a gift from my friend Lisa, and are from Emma Jansen's range and have an Australian floral theme, although there are some kangaroos on one print.   I thought it was time I had a bit more pink.
Luckily this block didn't have any paper piecing (the other two do), so I started with this one and I like the way it turned out.  I am really pleased I used the stripe.  
I have cut one of the other blocks, so just need to get stuck into it today.  
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love that last block, wouldnt a quilt of those set on point look lovely? It's going to be a gorgeous sampler. I saw some fat quarters of Terra Australis 2 last weekend and you might have to incorporate some of those as well, its a fantastic range.

  2. Love what you've been working on. Stripes are always fun to incorporate into a block.

  3. It sounds like you might have been bitten by the FMQ bug! Love how you quilter numbers onto the quilt.
    I am loving your Sugar Club blocks! Love the fabrics and colours. I am quicker at the ones that don't have any paper piecing too. I have one block that is too big. I keep looking at it and trying to come up with a plan for it that doesn't involve remaking it. Gosh I am lazy. What has surprised me is that paper piecing isn't freaking me out as much. I still need to be in the right frame of mind before I tackle it but it is definitely less daunting than it was.

  4. Maisie was a favourite in our house when the boys were small. You've done really well with the quilting on it. Nice blocks too.

  5. that is such a cute quilt..... the blocks look great..annoying when the size is wrong...

  6. Love the idea with the numbers and perfectly executed too. Maisie is timeless.

    Love those blocks ! The one in the left bottom corner is calling my name . The fabrics are gorgeous. Im having some issues with block size too at the moment ...6.5 inch blocks seem to prefer being slightly less than that so Ive been cutting down to unpicking here ...

  7. I think I remember that Maisie panel. You have been very productive wish I could say the same.


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