I have a plan to put into action

Lots of excuses for my blogging slow down; computers/Internet that would not co-operate, visitors, boys birthday parties and generally life gets busy!  So with school holidays coming up, additional days of paid work, more visitors and a road trip to fit into the next three weeks, I need to fit some sewing in this weekend!  And I need to make some finishing progress on some projects, so I can pack up the sewing room for the visitors due next weekend.  So I have set myself some goals.
 I have been steadily making this wall hanging.  I had not progressed enough to take a picture before now.  The applique is all by machine, using a technique that is new to me.  I am loving the speed, but having my head down staring at tiny zig zag stitches gives me a neck and headache.  So I had taken a break.  Also I needed time to decide on flower colours.  My decisions have been hindered by a lack of colour choice.  More fabric has been purchased, but still doesn't excite me.   I am thinking more fabric purchases are likely to be justified ; )  However this weekend I am going to try and stitch down the vines (they are just basted at present) and as many of the leaves as I can.
 In a moment of sunshine last week I rushed outdoors to spray baste a couple of cot quilts.  It was windy.  I ran out of basting spray.  I then had to wait until the kids were at school and I could clear off the kitchen table (of its Lego constructions) and pin baste the second last cot quilt.  The last kids quilt is too big to be a cot quilt and too big for my table.  The likelihood of the floor been cleared and clean this weekend is remote.
This is my second Aussie Hero's quilt made from scrappy four patches.  My friend Elaine basted it for me with her long arm and returned it to me yesterday.  The basting has made the quilting infinitely easier for me...remember it was a bit wavy on the ends?  So the plan is to finish quilting this quilt and two cot quilts.  Getting binding attached on all three would be ideal, but perhaps too optimistic.  I would like binding on one, so I have some hand stitching to do in the evenings this week. 
 So that's the plan Stan.  We will see how it goes! 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. It can get a bit hard to juggle everything and still find some sewing time. Good luck for the weekend.

  2. So many things to do so little time..... So long as some fun is had!


  3. I really like the background fabric you are using for your applique. What sort of thread are you using in your machine for the applique? If you need some fabric inspiration for your applique have a look at Sarah Fielke's applique. She has a knack for putting all sorts of fabric together in her applique. But if its not feeling right then it probably isn't right. Keep looking until you find the fabric that feels right. Some projects won't be forced, unfortunately. Good luck with getting through your plans.

  4. I hope everything went according to plan...my internet died Saturday night and is coming back in bursts of 30 seconds every so often . Im seriously annoyed !


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