Blue and white stars, nearly a flimsy!

I wanted to show you the progress I made on my blue and white stars.  I had intended to work on them while in Bordertown, but spent to much time unpicking! So I pressed and trimmed the blocks this morning.
 Then kicked myself into gear and cut the sashing out and sewed it all together!  The top is now 74"x74" square, so I think I would like to make it a bit larger. I think I will add a small white border and then a blue border.  Just not sure if I will piece the blue border or not.  I do have left over blue squares and considering a piano keys border.  If I find the right blue I might just add a solid border.  Any ideas?
I just realised that I never showed the finished pumpkin table runner, with the binding on.  Not long after finishing it my son knocked a glass of water over on the table and the orange fabrics bleed in two spots onto the white.  I didn't do anything about it immediately but when I washed it with a colour catcher a few days later the bleeding all came out - yippee!  Can you tell I am completely out of the habit of washing new fabrics?!
 I have given up moaning about the return of footy and resigned myself to stitching alone while all the male members of the family watch footy.  Don't worry the kids come in to tell me who is winning at every opportunity, so as to spread the "footy love"!  On the upside all this stitching time means I have finished all the applique on my log cabin miniature.  Quilting and binding come next!
I also made my April Sugar BOM and unpicked March's block as it is too small!
And finally I had to show you another teddy sleeping bag, that I made a couple of weeks ago, its a special request by a friends son, to fit his very small teddy.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Your blue stars look great, it will be a big quilt. Enjoy your spare time in the footy season!

  2. Gosh, you've been so busy. Your blue stars are very pretty and the top will be lovely. I think either of your border ideas would fit perfectly.

  3. I think a solid border would work beautifully on your blue and white stars quilt. Its quite lovely!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that gingerbread appliqué. I’ve found myself a footy widow too of late – and that wont end until September so Im expecting my quilting finishes will start mounting up as they do every football season.

  4. oh my gosh what a lot of lovely projects... the blue and white stars is so effective...

  5. You are certainly churning out some tops, love the blue and white, and your applique is gorgeous too, and the sleeping bag, what a great idea.

  6. WOW! your blue and white star quilt looks great. Looks like you will be ready to display your quilts for fall and Christmas this year.


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