Magic flying carpet quilt

I have never had this problem to photograph a very large (90x90") quilt?  Oh, hubby was home and happy to hang onto the quilt, but its a "big" person job, so we did it together ...oops, er kids would you like to use Mummy's camera?  
Mr 5 was delighted to take a photo for Mummy and we just kept encouraged him to do so, to be sure of one good shot, I think he did really well!  You cannot even see our feet!  And I just need to point out that the perfect border fabric was found IN my stash, which made me very happy!
I just need to buy a backing (funnily nothing big enough in my stash!) then this monster of a top is off to my friend Elaine, who is a long arm quilter.   I did finish this strippy quilt though. 

 The four long pieces came into the charity quilt I was in (with Elaine) and I put my hand up to join them in the Quilt As You Go method, admittedly they have been in the cupboard a very long time.  I always think QAYG is great until I have to do it.  But I am slowly perfecting my method.  Anyway it is finished now and will be a lovely lap quilt for someone in need of comfort.  Ummm and there is another long term project about of my cupboard, phew!

Last but not least I finished my miniature quilt, Rolling Stones by Ann Hermes (BHG American Patchwork Quilting Feb 2008).   I am looking forward to having a whole wall of miniatures some day : ) 
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Your Flying Carpet quilt looks wonderful. Mr 5 did a great job of photographing it. I love the QAYG quilt too, the colours are very soothing.

  2. Where are you going to head off too on your flying carpet quilt? Its a wonderful quilt. All those blues and shining white stars. It must have been satisfying finding the border fabric in your stash. I love big quilts. Your quilt as you go looks wonderful. Another one bites the dust. Your miniature is just adorable. I just adore the fabrics and colours you have used. A wall of mini quilts sounds like a fab idea.

  3. Your quilt looks great. Maybe Mr 5 is a budding photographer. Lovely new mini for your wall.

  4. I just love your huge star quilt and well done mr 5 on a great photo! The braid quilt is also lively and a very pretty little quilt ... Great work ...

  5. A budding photographer you have there.

  6. Great finishes, I really love the fresh chevron one

  7. Fabulous star quilt, it's so huge! Glad you are sending it to Elaine, it would take me ages to quilt at home. You must have been pleased to find border fabric in your stash. I always struggle with QAYG, my brain really struggles with the whole technique. Love the braid quilt, clever coloyr combination, so relaxing. Your mini loks so sweet too. I think I've come home with a couple of your mags too, I'll take them around to Sandra for you.


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