Dresden Plate show and tell

The Dresden Plate quilt was made in a class with Heather Ford, using a jelly roll. If you live in Adelaide, Heather teaches classes at Tricias Discount Fabrics, Edwardstown.    
  To say that I am pleased is an understatement...I am strutting around like a proud mother, showing off this baby! The quilt is been given away at Christmas to my husbands niece and it will be hard to part with.
Elaine Kennedy, my friend and long arm quilter, used a cute border pattern along the edge. 
 And dropped a square design over each Dresden Plate, which is a bit hard to see...
but it then formed a secondary pattern in the negative space, that I absolutely love.
Although my quilting skills still have room for improvement, I was very pleased with my FMQ efforts on this charity quilt top.  I quilted around most of the big flowers in the border and then stippled in the centre.  My accuracy has improved and because it is a large lap/SB topper I was able to keep going without getting jammed up and having to stop and start all the time.  So there were very few ends to finish off, which was nice! Mum hand stitched half the binding down for me while over visiting, so that helped to get this cutie off my to do list even quicker!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Two lovely quilts ...I contemplated buying the fabric you've used in the second one myself and didnt . Now I wish I had!

    Your Dresden is truly a work of art ..I would have been hard pressed to part with it too!

  2. Love both quilts, well done for more finishes.

  3. both quilts are beautiful....

  4. Your Dresden Quilt is beautiful. I would find it very hard to part with too. Would you make yourself one or are there too many other patterns to try? I very rarely make the same pattern twice. The charity quilt is very cute. Those fabrics were great for guiding your quilting. Every quilt will give you more confidence and before long you will be finding it very easy.


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