Baking and binding

I have been busy for the past week doing all the usual Christmas things, baking, buying and wrapping presents, attending social functions and binding!
 I thought it was worthwhile channelling my inner Nana, by using my great grandmother's rolling pin and the pastry recipe my mother in law gave me, which came from her mother in law.
As I was terribly worried that my first real attempt at making my own pastry for mince pies would be a flop.  But obviously good tools and recipe paid off, as they were yummy...but then DH announced he doesn't actually like mince pies and silly muggins has been making them every year we have been married!  
Don't worry I am sure my Dad will help me eat them!
I have a birthday this month, so have a get together with a school friend who has one too and swap pressies.  This was my helps that her mother has taken up patchwork!  Cannot wait to make something gorgeous with this layer cake after Christmas, I have a pattern already picked out.
More binding completed and some more FMQ on a little "not too Christmas"  table mat, inspired by a picture over HERE (at Snippets of a Quilter blog) and actual the pattern which I altered over HERE at Shabby Fabrics!  The binding pile is now reduced to one quilt, so I am off to play the final few episodes of Downton Abbey on DVD and hopefully finish the binding on the modern quilt. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. What a great combination of things to do, sewing, and Downton Abbey, and happy birthday for whatever date it is!

  2. Sorry, don't like having to do the verification thing 4 times!!

  3. Happy Birthday! French General fabrics are so lovely. I am looking forward to seeing what you make. The "not too Christmas" table mat is wonderful. It would look great with a tiny Christmas tree on it.

  4. Chateau Rouge is one of my favourite better keep your eye on that ! Happy Birthday !

    Your mince pies look fantastic. Channeling your inner nanna paid off !


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