OMG finally a Flimsy finish!

There has been a lot of sewing going on in the last two weeks, but initially I was all over the shop....
randomly sewing chook potholders on mass...(sorry the picture wont load) I still need to make combs and tail feathers before sewing them together....
Then I dragged out this,  added a few beetles and did some hand embroidery (eyes and face details) in front of the TV, but put this long term UFO aside (but not back in the cupboard) when my fingers were too sore to continue.
Finally added the final row (or so I thought) on the hexi table runner, pinning it, only to realise, how the heck do you bind the long edge?  Or do you bag it?  Or do you just cut a straight edge, so some get chopped in half...if so, does that mean the runner is too narrow...oh heck, straight to the UFO pile with it!
So then I started a NEW project (baby quilt - Chinese coins pattern) and worked on that until I ran out of fabric!  SO then FINALLY I had to work on a project that should have been finish months ago, AFTER I made a trip to the shop (across town) to get the extra fabric required! 
This quilt is for my BIL and his wife.  I sure hope they like it, cos it is HUGE, so big it didn't fit on the clothes line, but you get the picture! Ha no pun intended!  The little pieced twister borders, were a pain, took ages, but so pleased I added them, as I think it works...thanks to Heather's suggestion, because I was so going to be lazy and make a piano keys border!  Right off to the shop now, to buy the backing fabric and then it is going to the long arm quilters.  Finally a finished flimsy....TICK!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. You have been busy. That is always the question how to finish hexagons. Like your quilt what a wonderful pressie.

  2. There's some utter gorgeousness in that lot. LOVE LOVE LOVE those hexies.

    I've made a few coin quilts and I think they always look lovely .

    And the blue twister quilt is beautifully HUGE!

    Lots of impressive progress and a finish!

  3. Love the blue quilt, maybe I should make one "one day"! ALso have lots to finish "one day".

  4. I love the blue quilt and think the small Twisters in the border really add a sparkle to the whole thing.

  5. I know what you mean when you flit from one project to the next trying to find something that appeals. That's why its important to have UFOs. Your twister quilt is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for dropping by the blog recently Sue......I found out last night that the "BTS" cup cake shop I talked about (with the chandeliers!) has a quirky meaning to its name....Better Than Sex - apparently!! Hugs, Michele

  7. busy busy busy Sue.... such fun to have different things to do and add to the ufo pile???


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