Q is for Quilting

 I found the perfect bright/multi coloured backing for the Spool quilt at that big shed they sell fabric in, after I was unable  find anything that "spoke to me" at my LQS. 
And more importantly I found this backing for the Zig Zag quilt...how appropriate!
 It was my intention to quilt the Scrappy Trips on Saturday at All Day quilting, as I had pinned it at home the weekend prior.  But I finished quilting it on Friday, after I unintentionally had my own FNSI! I also quilted the Chinese Coin cot quilt, but due to bad weather photos of those have been postponed. 
 There was sufficient time between taking photos, eating, talking and fluffing around to pin the Zig Zag quilt on Saturday AND I got a fair bit of quilting done. 
On Sunday I thought I needed a rest from quilting. I sewed the missing corners onto the Blue Reproduction 9 patch quilt.  But the hunt for extra yardage (multiple phone calls Friday) was unsuccessful, so I ditched ideas of adding a border.  And played with the left overs. 
Which resulted in this little wall hanging! As you can see I am still stitching the binding down.
I now have lots of bindings to sew down!  So I decided to do a bit more quilting, use up these left over 1.5" squares (from spool blocks) and make some coasters.  I wanted wonky free lines, that was harder then I anticipated, however ditching binding in lieu of zig zag satin stitch was a very easy decision.
The weather here been stormy and predicted to not improve for the rest of the week, I will be inside stitching down bindings, where possible!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. You have been productive. It has been perfect weather for quilting. I am impressed with all those pins I have never pinned a quilt. I love binding it marks the end of a quilt.

  2. I envy you your quilting time, keep up the good work, and can I guess where you mean when you talk about that big shed??

  3. Well you've been busy and I love the backing you found with all the fabric selvedge types of things on.

  4. You've been crazy busy ! I love the look of the basted scrappy trip. All that colour just makes me want to run and play with my scraps !

  5. Wow, what progress! Your sewing machine must be waiting for you to go to work for a break. I say make 'em earn their keep. I even gave mine a clean the other day. Its great to see all your projects.


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